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SuitTrade.com is the classified listing forum
where women buy and sell Competition Suits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suit Trade

All sales are held directly between the seller and buyer.  We do not collect any money or suits!  This site is for individuals only, suit makers are not to post using the listings feature.

Ready to sell your competition suit?  You are in the right place!  

Tips to sell your used competition suit fast.

  1. PHOTOS:  Including great photos of your used competition suit is the best way to seek your suit fast!  If you have photos of your competition suit on stage or back stage, be sure to include them.  Also, take close up photos that clearly show the suit not on a person.  This can be as simple as laying the suit on the floor and taking front and back photos.  Be sure the photos are clear and large enough to be compelling.
  2. AD TITLE:  Your used competition suit sales ad title should clearly state what you are selling.  Feel free to include the suit maker and anything special about your suit too.  For better search ability include color and division (bikini, figure, fitness, etc) in your ad title.
  3. AD CONTENT:  This is where you want to line out the specifics about your suit.  Top and bottom sizes, cup sizes, color, material, suit maker, stage weight, height, etc…  If your figure or bikini competition suit has special features or upgraded stone packages, say it here.  Be sure to list your stats when wearing the suit – This suit was made for me at 125 lbs on stage, 5’4″ and at a C cup.  You may also want to list how much you paid for the suit.
  4. REFUNDS:  It is best to offer a refund (less shipping) within 7 days if someone purchases your competition suit and it does not fit them.  If you choose to offer no refunds, please put that information in your ad.
  5. CATEGORIES:  Be sure to choose the correct category for your listing:  Figure, Fitness, & Physique Competition Suits, Bikini Competition Suits, Fitness Routine Outfits, and Other which can include anything stage related – Competition Heels, Competition Jewelry, Fitness Props, Suit Holders, etc…

Shipping Suggestions:

  • Before sending your suit, be sure that you have received payment for your item.  We suggest using PAYPAL.com.
  • When mailing your item, use a trackable method and ALWAYS insure your package.

How much is my used suit worth?

Feel free to ask what you would like for your suit, but here are some guidelines:

  • In new condition and never worn?  We suggest starting at 80% of what you paid and being flexible on pricing.
  • Very lightly used and in excellent condition?  Ask 50-80% of what you paid.
  • Moderate use and moderate condition?  50% of what you paid

If you are in a hurry and want to sell your suit quickly, price it right!

How to clean your used competition suit:

You will need:

  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Fingernail cleaning brush
  • Clothesline

In a sink or washtub fill with very cold water. Add a generous amount of liquid detergent. My favorites are Wisk and Tide. Place the suit in the cold water and gently slosh up and down in the water. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, turn the right side onto your hand so the inside with the glue and coloring are facing up. Now pour some of the liquid detergent right onto the glue. Then take the fingernail brush and gently brush in one direction repeatedly until the glue just rolls off the suit. It should not take that long, unless you used the 3M. Nasty stuff. Be patient for it will come off.

Once all the guck is off, empty sink of the soapy water and fill back up with more cold water. Slosh the suit around and empty and repeat until there are no suds. Usually it takes about 4 -6 times.

When the suit is suds free, place it on a towel on a flat surface for only about a half hour until the main amount of water is out of the suit. Then drape suit over a hanger and let it dry. You will have a nice fresh suit again!

How many suits can I list?

You may list as many suits as you like on Suit Trade.  That said you are limited to one suit per ad.  Failure to follow this rule will result in any ads containing multiple suits being deleted without refund.

Suit Makers want to advertise on our site?

Email us using the Contact Page and we will send you information on advertising on the site.  Please do not post ads.  Ad listings are for individuals selling their suits only.  If you use the system to list an and and it is reported to us, it will be deleted.  If you have paid for an ad, there will not be a refund under any circumstance.

Trouble Shooting

Having trouble with your featured image?  The first image you upload will become your featured image by default.  Once your ad is live, you can edit the ad at anytime and change the featured or first photo by simply clicking the star next to the photo and hitting save.

Charges will appear on your card as “Lohre Studios, LLC or FITBODY”. Chargebacks will incur immediate removal from the site and a lifetime ban of your access to advertise.

Still have questions…?

Email us using the Contact Page.



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